Our Story

A recurring conversation topic in our friend groups was how difficult it is to find new friends with similar interests and hobbies. We enjoyed our coworkers and classmates but they didn’t always share our interests. And we were tired of searching the internet for things to do but only seeing large promoted events, typically surrounding concerts and nightlife. It was difficult to find activities that fit our interests with people similar to us. When we realized the problem wasn’t getting any better, we decided that we wanted to help people make meaningful connections. So we are creating Coop. 

Coop is about trying new experiences, sharing your passion, helping out others, and meeting new people with similar interests.

Throughout our journey, here is our Coop Promise to you.



Why use Coop?

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? Maybe you want to get out but don’t know what to do? Maybe you’ve been watching way too much Netflix? Coop is here to help! Our goal is to get you off the couch by having real people, not promoters, create plans with the “social” quality that tends to be missing.

We often hear others talk about not doing things they’re excited about just because they feel uncomfortable going alone. We want to help change that.

Current event apps cater to people who enjoy large groups. And as an engineer, that’s never really been my thing. Unlike other apps, Coop allows all users to create plans and set age, gender, and size restrictions. Users only see plans that are applicable to them and have open spots.

Coop is here to help you make plans and meaningful connections. Fly the Coop!


What can you use Coop for?

You can either attend an already scheduled plan or create your own! What types of activities is Coop good for you ask? There are so many possibilities including:

  • Pickup games for any sport (including curling)
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Hiking/Exploring the area
  • Share/Discuss your passions and hobbies with others
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Meet new people and role models
  • See your own city as a tourist
  • Find things to do while traveling

Fly the Coop!