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We hope to create content on Cooper's Guide that withstands the test of time; acts of meeting people, doing things, and creating relationships don't tend to change over time. We want to give our thoughts on how to explore, grow, and create deeper, more meaningful relationships. You could say this is a bird's eye view of using Coop...

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Don't Settle. Don't Regret.

Are there ever times where you just don't feel like doing what your friends are doing? There certainly are for me. Activities often ranged from watching a movie to going out for drinks. While I like these activities once in awhile, but my interests don't always line up with my friends’. I often found myself wanting more.

Sometimes it feels like life plans are on autopilot. We do things just because it’s what we have always done in the past (just like at work!). Or it’s something we are “suppose” to enjoy. But there are so many various hobbies/interests/activities that the world has to offer that we don’t take the time to try - even when we’re interested. Life is not worth wasting on things that we are not passionate about. 

"One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about." -Mindy Kaling

It's not about the number of people you hang out with but the quality of those people and how well you connect. While you may be surrounded by great people in your daily life, we understand that your interests may not always align - that’s okay! You may have additional interests you want to pursue. But instead of settling for who is already around, get out of your comfort zone and break out of your routine.

"When researchers ask the elderly what they regret about their lives, they don't often regret something they did; they regret things they didn't do. They regret not seizing opportunities. They regret hesitating. They regret being indecisive." -Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath

Don't regret. All too often the Coop team hears from people of all ages, “I wish I could do that” or “That would be fun to learn”. While there isn’t much stopping you from doing new things, it can feel daunting. At Coop we understand that it is much easier to start when you have the support of others. Coop helps connect people with similar interests so as to explore new hobbies or continue to pursue areas of interest. 

We hope Coop helps you find people you connect with while doing things you already love or learning something new.

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