Adventure Wednesdays.

Tired of doing the same thing after work everyday? Why not try something new? A few years ago, a friend proposed Adventure Wednesdays to me. I loved the idea and think you might too.

It is simple: do something you wouldn’t normally do on a weekly basis.

It was a great concept to motivate us to do something we hadn’t done before. Since it was a weeknight, most of the things were local. 

It could be as simple as going to a park that you have never visited before. Maybe it is cooking a dish you’ve never made before. Or it could be something more significant like going to a new fancy restaurant. Whatever it is, it is invigorating to do something different during the mundane work week. My favorite Adventure Wednesday activity was cooking up new dishes.

For us, Wednesday was the ideal day since it gave us something to look forward to during the work week. It made Friday not seem as far away. Of course, you can do it on any day that works with your work or class schedule. 

A good place to start, though it is on a weekend, might be taking advantage of your debit/credit card perks. Bank of America offers free admission to many museums around the country on the first full weekend (Saturday/Sunday) of the month.