Uncomfortable Going Alone?

When was the last time there was an event that you were excited about but didn’t go because you feel uncomfortable going alone? Many times, you know exactly what you want to do but you can’t find the right people at the right times. Maybe it was that concert or trying a new place to eat. 

Sure, you could possibly find people to meet at the event, but it’s much easier if you know others are willing to meet new people. Experiences are also better when the people you go with have the same, if not more, enthusiasm as you do. 

But what if you want to share an experience with someone? Maybe you have an extra ticket to an event but none of your friends are free. Or possibly you can bring an extra person into an airport lounge? (You can make someone’s day that much better!) Maybe you are going to a massive event and want to meet people other people before the event?

Coop can help you find others in the same situation! Let us help you make plans and Fly the Coop!