Building Relationships Gets Harder.

Building friendships and relationships gets harder as we grow older. If you’re anything like those of us here at Coop, your interests and hobbies have shifted or grown as you age. But it is a continuous struggled to find people with similar interests to hangout with. Right?

So why does building relationships seem to get harder? One night, a group of my friends and I decided to search for the answer. We quickly realized that the bulk of our friends are friends of convenience. 

We tend to build relationships with whom we think we are constrained. This is particularly true through the K-12 portion of our lives. Most of us are restricted to classmates, neighbors, cousins, and family friends. If you're lucky, you'll make lifetime friends that have similar interests and compatible personalities. Some aren’t so lucky or they move to new communities.

College, however, reduces the limitations and the possibilities seem endless for meeting new people that you are compatible with. There's little to no friction since most people are willing and eager to meet new people.

But for some reason, after college, that sense of willingness to explore and seek out new people begins to fade. Maybe it is because your interests are changing or you don’t know how to break into new groups. As you grow as a person, shouldn't your friends reflect that as well? 

The internet has become a wonderful place for people of like interests to come together and form a community. Coop is working to expand that sense of community into our physical communities, helping people with like interests create real time plans with one another - maybe you’re looking for a tennis partner or somebody to go with to the local film festival. 

With Coop you can make plans and meaningful connections. Fly the Coop!