Don’t be Part of the Crowd.

Do you ever find yourself thinking “There has to be a better way to meet people.”? I’ve had that thought more times than I can count. In fact, that is exactly why I created Coop! 

When looking for things to do, the events that are easiest to find tend to be large with hundreds or thousands of attendees. This is because concerts and large events are advertised while things like board game night seems to go unmentioned. While large events can be a lot of fun, most days I would prefer something more casual. Personally, I have found that I favor groups of less than 6 people. It’s something I’m more comfortable with so I enjoy the activity more. You may be more comfortable with small or large groups based on your personality and mood.

In today’s connected world, there is no need to keep do things the same way you've always done them. Instead, use Coop as a better way to find activities that peak your interests and are in groups of your preferred size. When you are comfortable in a situation and have shared interests, there is a better chance you’ll meet future friends.

Know what you want to do but just don’t have anyone to go with? Coop can help you find company.

The team at Coop wants your activities to reflect your preferences! We know this matters for both events that you plan and attend. That is why Coop allows you to limit the number of people that can join your plans (and by their age and gender). And when you search, you'll only see plans that fit your criteria, whether that be a group of 3 or something with many more people. 

Find your group today and Fly the Coop!