Who are you? This is a question those of us on the Coop Team think about both as individuals and an organization.
Turns out that defining your own identity can be quite a challenge. There are so many categories we can be grouped into – gender, nationality, profession, education, religion, political belief, hobbies, etc. Some labels are ones we want tied to our identity and others are not. 

The funny thing about identity is that each of us has at least three identities – the way we see ourselves today, the way others see us, and the way we ideally want to be. Sometimes these match but there is frequently a gap, especially if we end up identified as something we don’t feel is accurate or representative of who we are. This gap can be a struggle as you may feel restricted to how others see you rather than being true to yourself.
As humans, we try to fit in and categorize ourselves. It’s natural and hard coded into us for safety. Not only does it define who we are, our identity defines our interactions and where we feel welcome. 
Do you ever think about expanding your identity?
When I think about growing my identity it involves picking up new hobbies and interests. But because people are so good at grouping with others like them, it can be hard to break into well-established groups. Coop is here to help you find activities that reflect your true self. With Coop, you can find and meet like-minded individuals that are also looking to branch out and show others the joy of what makes up their identity.