Meeting New People.

Do you ever just want to explore what the world has to offer? Sometimes the best way to do that is meeting new people with backgrounds different from your own. 

You’ve likely discovered, like I did, that it can be difficult to meet new people and make friends after school. That’s where Coop comes in! Coop’s mission is to help people meet others with similar interests and possibly even spark new interests!

While I have a group of friends that I enjoy spending time with, I’m always eager to meet new people and learn about their interests and perspective. It can be refreshing to meeting new people with similar interests, particularly when taking on or looking for new hobbies. 

Outside of pursuing new hobbies, there are many reasons to look for new people to spend time with. One that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about is how each of us changes and grows through various stages of our lives - moving to a new location, transitioning careers, building relationships, growing a family, and numerous other transformational changes. With all of these life changes, shouldn't the people we surround ourselves with also change?

Another reason you may be in search of more friends is that friendships change as people’s romantic relationships develop and grow. Maybe all your friends are in relationships, and their spare time and energy are now going to their SO, not their friendship with you. Or maybe you’re the one in a relationship and you want to find other couples to hang out with or join for double dates.

Regardless of your situation, whether you have always lived in the same town or you have just moved and are looking for a way to make friends and learn the area, Coop is here to help!

Here’s a great episode from This American Life that highlights how hard making new friends on your own can be. In using Coop, please don't try to be someone you are not in order to make friends… Baseball statistics aren't for everyone!

Let’s not settle.  Let’s explore what’s out there.

Fly the Coop!