Without a doubt, Coop will only be successful if there is a strong community. Without a community, there would not be any plans to join. We hope we can build a community of users that results in a more inclusive place, centered around what people love to do and things people really care about. Stop doing things just because that's what you have always done; life is too short to spend your time on things you don't love doing.

Here is our promise to you. We will try our best to create the best environment for finding interesting things to do with like-minded people.

We will never promise that we will find something you will like because without you and other users, we can’t guarantee you will find something; however, we’ll do our best to help you find the right activities to do with the right people. 

If there are no activities in your area, that means the Coop community has not been built there yet. You could help build it!

So this is what we ask of you. Invite anyone you know that you think would like Coop, whether that person loves to meet new people, loves playing board games, loves learning, loves sharing their passions, or just enjoys trying new things.

With more people using Coop, the better the experience will be for everyone; there will be a wider range of activities and more plans to choose from.

-Matthew TW Huang

If you have any questions or comments, feel welcome to email me directly at MatthewTWHuang@gmail.com.